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Ontology Provides Clear Guidelines For Community Technical Contribution

Ontology has provided guidelines for contributions by community members. The guidelines are basically the standard that every member wishing to make a “technical contribution” will need to abide by. According to Ontology “technical contribution” refers to… the Ontology Enhancement Protocol or OEP, the development as well as submission of dApps and the creation of codes. […]

Get In the Groove Today! Join In The Imusify Songwriting Competition

Don’t Just Sing It, Imusify It! Imusify is a global music platform that is driven by NEO blockchain technology. This music-based network has organised a songwriting competition where songwriters can write a song, add a lovely tune to it, upload their song and hopefully earn the star prize. Imusify is creating a smart music economy […]

Hurry Now! The Public SDT Token Sale Is Currently On Via LeekICO

Alchemint – Providing A Stable Cryptocurrency Alchemint is a NEO blockchain powered decentralised network built to provide a stable digital asset (Stablecoin or SDT) to the community in the execution of smart contracts. This network is not regulated by any corporate entity, third party or person. Anyone and everyone has free access to monitor the […]

Effect.AI And Civic Join Forces For Enhanced AI Training

…for A Safe, Secure AI Training Ecosystem In what appears to be probably the strategic partnership of the century in the anals of blockchain technology. Civic the identity ecosystem and Effect.AI the decentralised AI marketplace where Artificial Intelligence (AI) related solution services are traded have joined forces with the intention of providing a safe, secure […]