Ledger Live Goes Live And Direct!

Ledger Live To Support All Ledger Devices

This is great news for users of Ledger devices such as Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue as the company has recently announced the release of its dynamic Ledger device supporting software application known simply as Ledger Live. Ledger is fully focused on ensuring the security of the cryptocurrency of users of its Ledger devices. The company will also help in the protection and management of the digital asset investments made by users of their Ledger devices.

With the aid of highly advanced and top grade security and safety technology, Ledger has been able to create safe and user-friendly hardware digital asset wallets such as the Ledger Nano S. Now Ledger wants to backup their best selling hardware devices with an integrated software application that will fully enhance the functionalities of their devices, that is why Ledger Live was created. Ledger Live can be downloaded to different desktop computer operating systems (OS) and these include: Linux, Windows and Mac desktop operating systems.

Ledger Live Comes With Great Features

Ledger Live comes with loads of exciting and absolutely useful features. The software has been designed with a user-friendly and simple interface to enable users navigate with ease. This software application has been created for use by both new and experienced Ledger hardware device users. With Ledger Live, users can properly organise as well as manage both their cryptocurrencies and hardware device.

The features that are included in this application will enable users to trade their cryptocurrency in a seamless and stress-free manner. Some of the key features that users can expect to find in the Ledger Live software application are as follows;

  • Easy Onboarding: Users can set up their respective Ledger devices such as Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue with consummate ease, just by utilising the Ledger Live software application. You can begin cryptocurrency trading transactions in a short period of time when you set up your Ledger hardware using the Ledger Live software.


  • Multiple Accounts Permitted: With Ledger Live users do not have to switch software applications for their digital assets as Ledger Live permits the use of multiple digital asset accounts.


  • Real-time Cryptocurrency Balance Available: Users can observe their present transaction details as well as the real-time market value of their cryptocurrencies with the use of the Ledger Live application.


  • On-screen Guidance And Transaction Affirmation: Ledger Live comes with a guidance as well as cryptocurrency trading transaction affirmation on-screen display that will enable users trade in a safe and secure manner always. This is because they are guided all through their trading transaction by the application.

Finally, the Ledger Live software application will not support ERC20 digital assets for now, but Eric Larcheveque the CEO of Ledger stated during the launch of the software application that support of the ERC20 token will be possible in upgraded versions of the Ledger Live application.

You can download Ledger Live to your desktop operating system (OS) (i.e. Linux, Mac or Windows) by clicking on this link and you should know that it is absolutely Free! Also remember that Ledger Live is compatible with your Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue Ledger devices.