Morpheus Wallet Comes To A Sad End!

For users of the Morpheus wallet by Aaron.B and Christian today marks a sad day as the once highly rated and promising desktop wallet will no longer be supported and updated. This news came about as a result of a previous announcement by City of Zion (CoZ) that they would be taking the REST API offline, that’s right! NEO has upgraded from api.neonwallet to NeoScan API (/r/NEO/comments/8vkxy5/important_psa_apineonwalletcom_is_officially/).

The Morpheus wallet is completely dependent on  for the retrieval of NEO, GAS and NEP-5 cryptocurrency balances. With the upgrade announcement by CoZ, Morpheus wallet has now been rendered obsolete unless they can switch over to NeoScan API which is a task described by the founder of Morpheus (Aaron.B) as easier said than done. The Morpheus community had raised some questions pertaining to why the Morpheus wallet project should fold up just because of the NEO upgrade announcement by City of Zion (CoZ). Some of these questions can be seen below with the answers provided by the founder of Morpheus.

Why Is Switching To NeoScan API Complicated?

Well, Aaron.B stated that switching to NeoScan API would involve a complete rewriting of the Morpheus code which means an expenditure of time in the recruitment of developers and most importantly an expenditure of financial resources. With the latter a major issue for Morpheus as Aaron.B said that funds that would be used to pay developers that will rewrite the Morpheus code are simply not available.

So Why Not Ask For Donations?

According to the founder of Morpheus this is a question that has been asked by so many people particularly from the NEO community. He stated that while donations is a good way of raiding funds in the short-run, it is not a dependable and sustainable fundraising option.

Another reason why Morpheus never officially requested for donations according to its founder is that age old question of “Pride”. There were over 13,000 downloads of the Morpheus wallet and in the last year or so and the Morpheus project never once received a single donation.

What Of A Token Sale?

Another question asked by the Morpheus community is why can’t a public token sale be used to raise funds? According to Aaron.B a token sale is really not necessary when it comes to the Morpheus wallet because there is no real need for a token to begin with. There are no transactions fees to be settled which is one of the major use of a token, so having a token sale will be tantamount to a scam in his view and Morpheus would not be associated with such a move.

So What Happens Next?

Morpheus has put an end to all support and updates to the Morpheus wallet project including closing their GitHub repo. This will stop people from downloading the Morpheus wallet. Those currently using the Morpheus wallet are therefore advised to switch over to another wallet that will support NeoScan API.

According to Aaron.B the Private Key and Password of Morpheus wallet users can be utilised on another wallet making the transition to another desktop wallet quick and convenient. Morpheus has also informed on their present predicament in order for their wallet to be officially delisted from the NEO website.

Finally, as the Morpheus project comes to an unceremoniously end, Aaron.B and Christian stated that they would continue to work on other blockchain-based projects and they also thanked everyone that had been involved in one way or another in the Morpheus wallet project.