Get In the Groove Today! Join In The Imusify Songwriting Competition

Don’t Just Sing It, Imusify It!

Imusify is a global music platform that is driven by NEO blockchain technology. This music-based network has organised a songwriting competition where songwriters can write a song, add a lovely tune to it, upload their song and hopefully earn the star prize. Imusify is creating a smart music economy by providing a one-stop marketplace for everything related to music.

The Imusify platform is fully incentivised and the rights of artists are completely protected as well. The Imusify marketplace will connect talented songwriters, musicians, instrumentalists, music producers, music companies and the final consumers of music under one platform. Musicians will get paid in IMU tokens, the utility cryptocurrency that will be in operation on the platform and will serve as fuel for backend transactions as well as smart contracts.

Providers of music-related content will have direct access to music producers and even end users without the need for an agent or middleman. Imusify is a transparent, distributed and open source smart music economy that offers a secure, safe and rights protected music platform.


To further endear itself to members of its community, Imusify has organised a songwriting contest and will be receiving entries up until June 25, 2018. As mentioned earlier, all you have to do is write a song with Imusify as the main theme of your song, add a great tune to it and then upload the video recording of your song to YouTube, Vimeo or dTube.

You should also post the video of your song to Steemit under the hashtag #imusify. Remember that all entries are expected to be submitted on or before the 25th of June, 2018. You should ensure that you adhere to the theme of the songwriting competition which essentially is what you like most about the Imusify brand. Winners of the Imusify songwriting competition will earn 20 SBD and 1,000 IMU tokens.

The Imusify team stated that participants should not be shy to try out new stuff and be innovative. However, they warned that illicit lyrics and songs written with offensive language will not be acceptable. If you need to know more about the Imusify songwriting competition you can click here.

Get Imusifyed!

Now what makes Imusify such a great music platform apart from being powered by blockchain technology, is that users can engage in live streaming of music content, they can buy songs, download songs if they like as well as share songs with family and friends. Imusify is truly a one-stop music-oriented platform where users are actually in charge.

Talk about iTunes on steroids! This is exactly what it would feel like being on the imusify ecosystem. The extra benefit of Imusify is that it is a fully decentralised network with musicians completely in control of their music content, earning from it or distributing freely if they choose to. In Imusify the choice is left to the user whoever it may be, whether it is a musician or a music lover, they are in charge of what they want to do.