Effect.AI And Civic Join Forces For Enhanced AI Training

…for A Safe, Secure AI Training Ecosystem

In what appears to be probably the strategic partnership of the century in the anals of blockchain technology. Civic the identity ecosystem and Effect.AI the decentralised AI marketplace where Artificial Intelligence (AI) related solution services are traded have joined forces with the intention of providing a safe, secure AI training ecosystem.

This partnership looks set to enhance the quality of AI training on the Effect.AI ecosystem. However, before you get into the nitty gritty of the strategic partnership you might want to learn a little bit more about Civic and Effect.AI.

A Cost Effective AI Marketplace

Now Effect.AI is a NEO blockchain powered Artificial Intelligence platform that provides a transparent, open source marketplace where AI-related services can be offered. AI based companies, a global AI workforce and end users can connect and trade without any limitation or restriction.

There are no middlemen involved either and AI training opportunities can be effectively conveyed to consumers with limitless ease. AI firms can also utilise the limitless amount of data available on the platform which will also encourage both technical and knowledge sharing. With an all inclusive AI ecosystem provided by Effect.AI the cost of obtaining AI-related data, technology and training will be drastically reduced as well as affordable to the average Joe!

Civic – Providing The Necessary Tools For Securing Identities

Civic is a safe, secure identity solutions ecosystem powered by NEO blockchain technology. Individuals and enterprises will be given the necessary tools to regulate and protect their identities. With Civic anyone can take charge and ensure that their identities are adequately protected.

A Perfect Marriage!

Effect Force is the first phase of the Effect.AI vision of providing a decentralised platform where cost effective AI-related services are provided. A global marketplace where data based tasks requiring human intelligence can be ordered for and effectively carried out with the ultimate goal of having Artificial Intelligence machines trained on the human created dataset. With Effect.AI data safety and accessibility is of paramount importance.

Only those who need the AI-related data should really have access to it, for this reason they will make use of the services offered by the Civic Secure Identity Ecosystem. With the marriage of these two blockchain powered platforms, Effect.AI will be able to make use of the extra layer of security and protection offered by Civic.

According to Chris Dawe the CEO of Effect.AI the Civic protocol will enable Effect.AI to effectively carry out verification of educational qualifications posed by users on their respective profiles. By ensuring that a user is actually who he/she says they are, the Effect Force can efficiently allocate AI-related micro-tasks to those authentically qualified users. This will ultimately ensure that the hiring AI firm gets value for their money.

What’s more with the verification protocol of Civic in use, Effect.AI can create a subset of highly qualified AI-trained work force that will be incentivised to be part of the AI training team on the Effect.AI ecosystem.